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About us

Hi, I'm Julie Lipnitz, the Broker and Owner of Horizon Realty U.P..  I started selling real estate in 1997 when I was 22 years old.  I fell in love with the business and have been selling real estate ever since.  I started my own real estate company in 2005 and am also an Associate Broker for Mackinac Island Realty.  I am committed to my real estate career and work as a full time agent, it's not a side job or hobby for me.  I focus on my clients needs and goals because there is so much more to buying and selling property than the transaction.  I have worked with buyers and sellers on $5,000 lots all the way up to multi-million dollar properties.  And the one thing I have found with every client is that nothing is more satisfying than making their goals a reality.  When you work with me you get a professional that has experience, knowledge and personal commitment to sell your property or find your peace of the U.P.

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